PCS 100: Fun City: 1972

Wall Mural

PCS Wins Neighborhood Beautification Project

New York City was going through tough times back in the 1970's. Tired of fighting with neighborhood graffiti artists, PCS students struck back by painting a mural along the school's entire 100' street front in May 1972.  "It was a battle of their  graffiti against  our  grafitti," school director Charlotte Mundy told The Westsider.  Stage star Robert Morse ("How to Succeed in Business")  stopped by to help out and draw attention to the effort that took five days, 35 students and $135.  He also managed to find time to sign autographs (right).

Inspired by a "Dress up your Neighborhood Contest,"  PCS was one of eight finalists awarded grants of $500 for their efforts.   - John Tucker