Professional Children’s School mandates that any child living away from home and without a parent must have an adult guardian, who lives with and supervises the student while they are not in school.   We will hold an orientation for guardians at the start of each school year.

Please know that students residing in a dormitory setting are generally exempted from this guardian requirement.  Exceptions may also be granted with specific permission from the Head of School.

When selecting a guardian, please bear in mind that we expect this person to work with PCS in terms of enforcing our policies and to be a reliable contact for communication between home and school.  Such communication could include everything from attendance to academic matters.

A guardian may be called upon to take part in parent conferences at some point during the school year.

Once you have selected a guardian, we ask that you share contact information for this designated adult, providing your consent for the School to contact this person in matters regarding your child.