PCS Day of Giving 2023

The 6th Annual Day of Giving is EXTENDED!


The Giving Thermometer will be updated daily.

The Day of Giving is an opportunity to celebrate the PCS community and bring together our ideas, resources, and vision for a bright future. All donations made toward the Day of Giving will benefit the Fund for Professional Children’s School. Your support opens doors for young people to access an enriching academic education while pursuing their dreams.

Receive a Special Edition Anniversary Notebook in honor of 110 years of PCS!

Give a gift of $110 or more to the PCS Day of Giving and you may be eligible to receive this limited edition notebook! Supplies are limited, so be sure to act fast!

Notebooks will be distributed on a first come, first served basis while supplies last.
Recipients must have a US mailing address.

Supporters of the PCS Day of Giving will be listed below.

This list is updated on a daily basis.

The PCS Board of Trustees (Collective Matching Gift up to $85,000 and additional gifts)
Anonymous (6)
Justin Abrams ’09
Reem Abu-Amara
Tessa Alvarez ’18
The Asimos Family
Jesse and Anne Ausubel
Sarah Barlow
Leeza Behar ’92
Elizabeth Heidi Bishay ’81
Meghan Blakeman
William Brant ’06
Dylan Brenner ’12
Dr. Ernestine Byer-Tyre
Magaly and Kevin Casey
Paul Chalmers and Ronnie Kauder
Shannon Chiang ’25
Elizabeth Christenberry
The Connors Family
Pierce Cravens ’04
Dr. Daniel Curry & Mrs. Rachel (Yanowitch) Curry ‘05
Ivan Cury ’55 and Barbara Harris
Maureen Darcy
Mariam Dingilian ’10
Lynne and Darryl Edelstein
Patti Eyler ’76
Kimberley Fiterman-Duepner and Gregory Duepner
Nancy Foy ’68
Rachel Fuld and Dr. David Patchefsky
Brad Gemeinhardt
Lambert Gingras
Lyne and Steve Glaser
Michael Gleicher ’04
Caroline Gogolak ’04
Stephanie Goodman and Beau Everett in honor of Lucy Everett ’23
Eileen and Arthur Gorman
Stefani Greenfield and Mitchell Silverman
Gregory Gropper ’17
Dr. George Groth and Cheryl Cipro
Chris Haley and David Knapp
Catherine Henry
Jennifer Hill
Dara Hinshaw
Jessica Hopfield ’82 and Jim Cleary
Gen Horiuchi ’85 and Tanya Horiuchi
Dr. Laura Inman
Rocio Izurieta
Lisandro Jaquez
David and Susan Jennings
Eugene Johns and Nanette Jarmain Johns
Mya Jones
Thea Kabacinski
Paul, Laura and Hugh Kane
Judith and Lawrence Kaplan
Tae Hun Kim ’09
The Kittay Family
Sarah Krasnow
Dorothy and Jeff Laguzza
Penelope Lawson ’04
Pat and Ronnie ’55 Lee
Brigid and Frédéric Le Minez
Danielle Lewis
Bin Lin and Zian Sun
Cheng Io Lo ’19
Dr. Jennifer London and Dr. Joshua Socolow
Christina Hall Lovely ’98
Melinda and William Luck
Laurence Madsen and Gregory Spano
John and Victoria Mancuso
Raquel Martinez
AJ McGuire
Ed and Emma McLoughlin
Yaoyong Meng and Jinglin Jin in honor of Qingxi Meng ’15
Darnley Merzier
Morgan and Lori Murphy
Dania Nauholnyk Lawro and Lubomyr Lawro
Carol Hertling Nickell and Frank T. Nickell
Dana and Glenn Orenstein in honor of Sophia Orenstein ’24
Jazzy Pedroza-Watson
Ayana Peña
Erika Petersen and Eric Rosenthal
Emily Pier ’02
Guthrie Porter
Anne and Jim Pugliese
Altagracia Ramos
Maria Buck Retartha and Anthony Retartha
Shok and Sean Robertson
Kevin and Jean Rodd
Kerry Roeder and Karl Paranya
Anastasia and Kevin Rotheroe
The Rutledge Family
Vincent Sagona
Jean Scales
Carrie and Alex Shaurette
Katerina Soukhopalova & Vasken Demirjian
Rachel Soyk
The Steele Family Foundation
Joy Nathan Stern ’56 and Carl Stern
Anh Ta
Lillie Thom & Cliff and Sylvia Hartman
Peter and Amanda Thomas
Ashley Torres
Various Student Supporters – PCS Dollar Wall
Melissa and Conrad Vlak
Jonathan and Catherine Wachtel
Mr. and Mrs. David Walter in memory of DeNiro Hudson
Irene Strom White ’64
Daniel and Barbara Wood
Ann and John Wylie
Mr. Bernard and Hon. Diane Yatauro
Sue Zoldak

Will you help us reach our $200,000 goal?