Guided Study

Professional Children’s School emphasizes the value of regular classroom attendance, teacher instruction and group discussion. However, at some point in time, a student may be unable to be in class for more than three days because of professional obligations. For example, preparation for an audition (up to three days), preparation for a recital or competition (up to four days), and preparation for a concert (up to five days).The Guided Study Program is designed solely for those times, is unique to PCS, and is supervised by the Division Heads.

The Guided Study program keeps students connected to the classroom experience, facilitating ongoing learning and communication between the student and their teacher. Completion of work on Guided Study enables students to successfully return to their classes.



Students keep up with their work on our Canvas learning platform and, when appropriate, receive up to a two week extension on due dates. Technological tools, including Canvas discussions, video chats, recorded class sessions, and/or PCS email exchanges, allow students to attend to their academic responsibilities while working around their professional commitments. Students in the classroom and on guided study are set up for success on our technology platforms including Canvas, Google Suite, and Zoom.