International Student Program

Part of what makes PCS such a dynamic school is our diverse student body. We have students from around the world who come here to study while they pursue their artistic goals. Our international students come from many countries including Japan, Korea, France, China, Israel and Taiwan, just to name a few. PCS provides these students with a specialized course of study for non-native English speakers.

The English as a New Language (ENL) Program includes an array of courses which support English Language Learners at multiple levels. ENL I and ENL II are courses that focus on developing the four main skills of reading, writing, listening, and speaking for the academic and non-academic environment. Students take ENL courses several times a day to reinforce the structures used in their other academic subjects. Learning takes place in small groups with an emphasis on English for communication, and an integral component of the ENL program is a focus on American culture and issues pertaining to the experience of being an international student.

Most new ENL students also enroll in math, science, and physical education. Students also have the option of studying music, drama, and visual arts. With the exception of English and history, ENL students are integrated into mainstream courses taken by English-speaking students as quickly as possible. PCS offers various bridge courses designed to continue to challenge and develop students’ English language skills, and ready them for ongoing coursework in the Upper School.