PCS Legacy Award

The Professional Children’s School Legacy Award recognizes distinguished members of the school’s alumni community who have displayed outstanding professional contributions in the performing and visual arts, competitive athletics, academia, and other endeavors. Legacy Award recipients embody the mission of PCS and reflect the professional diversity of our student body and are recognized at our annual fundraising event.


Samuel Akins ’14
Jack Antonoff ’02
Anne Ausubel (honorary)
Jessie Baylin ’02
Anthony Roth Costanzo ’00
Barrett Doss ’07
Robbie Fairchild ’04
Jason Fuchs ’04
Ronnie Lee ’55
Peggy Meertins (honorary)
Thomas Nickell ’16
Tiler Peck ’06
Marcia Lynn Sells, Esq. ’77
Arlene Shuler
Tanya Rivero Warren (née Gingerich) ’89
Terrence Wilson ’94
Alex Wolff ’16
Nat Wolff ’13