Mission Statement

The Mission of Professional Children’s School is to provide a challenging academic education for young people working in or studying for careers in the performing and visual arts, competitive sports and other endeavors; to meet the diverse needs of our students; provide mastery of fundamental skills and prepare them for college or other post­ secondary education; to teach young people to balance the demands of their professional, personal and academic lives; to provide support for young people who must often contend with the pressures of the adult world in addition to the normal pressures of adolescence; to encourage young people to affirm, respect, and welcome others in light of their disability status and/or their ethnic, racial, socioeconomic, geographic, religious, artistic, gender, sexual orientation or transgender identities; to balance their individual needs with the needs of others and to accept responsibility for their decisions; to foster a community in which both academic and artistic pursuits are valued. 

Adopted, Board of Trustees, October 6, 2022