Learning Support

Every student has a different learning profile and some students may need additional support with their academics because of their learning style or learning differences.

When a student enters PCS for the first year, and we don’t know what their learning profile is, we may assess and put initial structures/accommodations in place that support the student in the short term; however, these accommodations will be instituted with the understanding that for this child’s future success and for PCS to provide the best support possible, a formal evaluation will be required.

It is in the student’s best interest that if they have an IEP, or there are documented concerns about a student’s learning issues, it is encouraged that parents share this information in advance.

PCS has a Learning Specialist who is available to work individually with students who need additional support in organization and study skills, reading comprehension, writing skills, or mathematics. Work with this learning specialist may be short-term or ongoing, and is available to students regardless of whether they have a diagnosed learning disability. If a student has a diagnosed learning disability, the learning specialist writes an educational plan which includes the student’s strengths and challenges, formal accommodations, and suggestions for teachers working with the student in the classroom. The educational plan is shared with the student’s teachers each year. As their schedule allows, the Student Learning Support Associate is available to parents and teachers who have questions regarding students’ academic work and progress. They will also consult with the Division Heads when a psycho-educational evaluation by an outside professional may help a student who is not progressing as expected. Requests for accommodations on standardized tests such as the SAT or ACT should be directed to the School’s Learning Specialist.