Honor your legacy,
Shape our future

Celebrate the PCS Alumni Giveback with a gift!

For 109 years, Professional Children’s School has been home to thousands of gifted artists, athletes, performers, and entrepreneurs. PCS has provided space for young people to create, to learn, and to challenge themselves with a rigorous academic education while they pursue their most sought-after dreams.

Our alumni have gone on to become renowned doctors, CEOs, lawyers, and educators. PCS alumni stand on the largest world stages, appear on silver screens, and have reached legendary status in the arts world. PCS alumni are scattered across the globe, each with their own impact and ambition, each with their own legacy. We are proud of the exceptional accomplishments of our former students, for both those who continued their early career pursuits and those who pivoted. It is all possible at PCS, and we thank our incredible alumni for passing the torch generation after generation. 

We invite our alumni to give back to the rising generation PCS students. By contributing to the PCS Alumni Giveback, you honor the legacy you leave behind and help to shape the future for more young people.

The PCS Alumni Giveback will directly benefit the Alumni Financial Aid Fund.